NyanMoon is a decentralized meme token

Nyancat is going to the moon

NyanMoon is based on the Nyancat. Google it if you don’t know what it is.

We have all seen what the power of unity memes and the internet can do. We are not going to be a copycat meme coin.

With your help we’ll build the strongest crypto meme driven community. we intend to build great projects decided by the community. We’ll build a governance system where NYN holders will vote and decide the directions of the project and use of funds.

This will shift to a DAO project where the community decides, even if that means replacing the whole team. We truly believe in decentralization, where even the team and the founders’ are replaceable.

The power is with the people!



How to buy

You’re able to buy though PancakeSwap soon We’re starting to market our project and will be on the major exchanges, taking this project mainstream.

Join our community and decide the fate of this project
This is our project

Hold NyanMoon (NYN)
Have your say , make the decisions


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